“Learning as You Go” Project, headed by ‘Family International Community Services’, is a unique and successful initiative with the primary goal being to bring teaching and life skills directly to the underprivileged. The team of well-equipped and highly trained volunteers conduct teaching and life skill programs to communities in remote and underdeveloped areas of South Africa where children’s learning facilities are few and far between.
They provide a range of carefully selected, age-appropriate, learning and teaching programs as well as all the materials needed to facilitate these programs. Through these programs the participants enjoy a life changing experience that motivates them to broaden their horizons and help them make their first steps towards a sustainable future.
In September 2016, FICS hosted seminars with over 150 attendees from the community. They also distributed a large selection of school supplies to the families of the Oosdorp community as well as provided substantial financial aid to the Christian school. This enabled the school to take in even more underprivileged children who otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to receive an education.