Family Care Mission is a Society registered in Kenya since the year 2001 and is comprised of full- and part-time volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to helping the underprivileged and disadvantaged of society. Volunteers locate worthwhile projects in an effort to raise awareness and sponsorship for the “poorest of the poor”.

Following are some of the highlights of what was achieved because of the SNI grant 

* Again your assistance has been a big help towards this needy Project which caters to 300 children from families who live under the poverty level. Through your donation we could allocate funds for Food Stuffs for the Daily Feeding Program for the first School Term (Jan-Mar 2016),The school lunch is often the only meal of the day for many of the children.

* Financial boost towards monthly salaries for the Teachers and School Staff.

* Electrical fittings for nine classrooms were installed. (The School has had no electricity)

* Four new water tanks with faucet and a large supply of soap is of great benefit for the `Handwashing Campaign` and helps prevent sickness, plus a big Tank with concrete elevated base for Rain Water Harvesting has been installed.  

* Donation of Health Kits for all the teachers and staff, as well as some of the single parents of the children, which contains First Aid Supplies, Vitamins and Aqua Guard.

* New chairs and a variety of Books and Trophy`s for the Best Achievers were provided for the students.

4month supplie Oil for Feeding Program, when empty used for water storage