SNI sponsored the Informatic courses for 100 students — young people (16-29 years old) and adults (30-59 years old), plus 20 elderly — in the city of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The social organization Associação Central da Solidariedade has worked mostly to offer children 6-14 positive activities during the time they are not in school, as this is a region where the levels of inducing drug use at a young age is very high, as well as grade repetition, school evasion and practice of negative activities.

Due to the help of SNI over 100 students received  basic courses of professional training to prepare them to face the competition of the work markets.

Since most of the needy population of this region do not have a computer or digital literacy, computer courses (Windows, Word, Excel, Power Point and Internet) were offered to better prepare and train future professionals, since nowadays it´s a basic tool required for the good accomplishment of even the simplest jobs.

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