For the month of September we were introduced to a very interesting and unique project all the way in Cali, Colombia. “La Familia en Accion” foundation has been working for the last 9 years with a group of 100 children and teens in one of the most dangerous parts of town.

Besides helping them with food, clothing, and recreation, these children and teens are given classes teaching values.  “Most of these kids grow up surrounded with violence so it’s no strange thing to see them become hit men at 11 or 12 years old, to them killing is just a part of life & the sad part is that a lot of them don’t make it to 18 years of age!”

La Familia en Accion foundation’s idea is to show them that there is another way to live life, that if they work hard and do things right they will get ahead in life. They are learning that life is valuable and that they can contribute to society and be a part of the solution, not just the problem.

In order to facilitate these children in the best and most effective way possible, La Familia en Accion decided to buy a building and renovate it into a technical school. Here the children will be able to learn a trade and have a means to earn their living in an honest way.

Sponsorship Network International’s donation went to cover the cost of the renovation. The renovation includes the tearing down of walls and building new ones, installing bathrooms, and painting the walls.

This is a very exciting project for us all and of course, it is very rewarding to think of how far a donation can go to enhance and change the lives of children for years to come.