“Touching Hearts” is a project in Ukraine that was started 10 years ago in the region of Kharkov. The focus of the project has been working closely with a school for handicapped children suffering from side effects of polio and multiple sclerosis. Over the years “Touching Hearts” has donated various materials to the school such as special orthopedic mattresses, clothes, shoes, toys, TV’s, computers, wheelchairs, crutches, and building materials for renovation.

Other than an indoor gym, the school had no outdoor facilities for physical exercise, thus making it a constant challenge to occupy the children during school breaks, specifically for the orphans who stay at the school during the weekends. SNI decided to step in and sponsor a playground for the school. Now instead of sitting around and only being able to play inside, the disabled children are able to enjoy the fresh air as they go up and down slides and play with their friends in the brand new playground.