FICS is an NGO whose projects in Tanzania, Paraguay and the Kingdom of Jordan are expressly dedicated towards the education of children and youths to whom very limited educational facilities are available. FICS is constituted of volunteers and so is dependent on the assistance of companies, individuals and organizations in order to be able to continue supplying communities with assistance and expand their project palette.

The ‘My Library’ initiative project provides well-equipped, high-quality school and community libraries to disadvantaged children and teenagers throughout the Kingdom of Jordan.

In 2007 the ‘My Library’ initiative was started with the purpose to enhance education in Jordan’s rural areas. Since then seven libraries have been completed and are fully operational

In order to assist in the completion of the eighth library in Pella in the Jordan valley, SNI has sponsored the following items:

  • Two air conditioners 25kw (including installment)
  • Paint/Plaster for entrance & exteriors
  • Interior decoration
  • Sand and soil (including transportation)
  • Plants and trees (including transportation)


New air conditioner on it’s way to be installed in the library.