TV filming at Landmark for special segment on food banks.


In March 2013, SNI received a request for sponsorship from a non-profit association called ‘Family Kitchen’, based in the Kingdom of Jordan.

Family Kitchen works to establish food “equality” by providing nutritious food for the less privileged in the poorest poverty pockets to sustain their basic calorie needs through the distribution of well-rounded food packages, and excess food from 5-Star hotels, in an effort to eradicate food insecurity.

In rural areas of Jordan, 38% of the budget is spent on food. 29% of households have to borrow money to buy food. 48% of households have to skip a meal or reduce the size of it. 11% of households have to go the whole day without food. Family Kitchen provides a package for a family of 6 for only 10.5 Euros to last one month.

Sponsorship Network international agreed to accept the request for sponsorship and was able to cover 257 food packages for 257 families, sponsoring approximately 46,260 meals.