From the 13th–19th of July 2020, Sponsorship Network funded “Love is the Answer” foundation, as they held their traditional yearly football camp for underprivileged children. This will be the 10th year of this program. Using football as a tool to reach the hearts of these less fortunate children is instrumental in changing their outlook on life. While playing, they are becoming part of a greater Team. Our priority is to educate the orphan and roma children through football that encourages team-working, influences their physical and emotional development, improves their communication skills, and relations with their peers and families. It also effects their behavior in school, giving them equal op-port unity and a chance for a better life. Currently we have a total of 145 children partaking of our program since 2009.The time and the place is already set for the camp. We will have 3 trainings a day, swimming, arts and crafts, bicycling, games and fun. We have to rent the football field for trainings. We will provide 5 meals a day, accommodation, volunteers, coaches, gym, football field, trainings, swimming and arts and crafts material.