This spring members of SNI took a trip to personally visit the ‘Ait Bihi School’ in the Village ‘Ifradne’ near Agadir, Morocco. This is a school located in the hills and children travel as far as 3 kilometers each day to get to school. The school had no windows, no electricity, not even a wall or gate around the property.

Working together with the volunteer project overseer, and dear friend, Rachid, SNI sponsored the renovation of the entire school.

The floor was repaired, a playground was put up, new water pipes were installed, a wall around the school was built, and an entire library was added, where there previously had been none. School bags were provided for all students as well as new school uniforms. A projector and computers were installed for the first time.

All of this enabled the teachers to provide students with a better education by making classrooms more comfortable, better equipped, and safer. The children were awarded prizes at the end of the year to the top 3 students in each classroom.

We look forward to re-visiting the school and to see how much your donations have helped to change these children’s lives.