“Mifalot Education and Society Enterprises” is the largest sport organization for development and peace in the Middle East, which operates hundreds of social projects throughout the region and around the world. A devastating typhoon ‘Yolanda’ occurred in November 2013, leaving 2 million people homeless with no electricity, telecommunications or food.
Thanks to the sponsorship of S.N.I, Mifalot joined the “Field of Hope” mission and partnered with Futkal & Friends for over the past two years for a unique project that deals with post- traumatic stress disorder through football.

In the past two years Mifalot and Futkal trained over 75 coaches, P.E teachers and volunteers, training over 600 children.

The project was a great success and due to the support of – ‘Sponsorship Network International’ Mifalot has helped the rehabilitation of the local Bantayan Island community.