Hands on Hope

Hands-On Hope is an NGO in Jordan committed to improving the quality of life through supporting initiatives and services that respond to community needs. Hands-On Hope focuses on:

  1. Providing the resources to sponsor scholarships for bright but underprivileged students.
  2. Humanitarian assistance through food security and other aid in remote areas, as well as basic needs such as clothes, medical supplies, blankets, etc., to not only the poor in Jordan but the many destitute refugees from Iraq, Syria and Palestine.

Due to the many refugees and families suffering from poverty especially in the area of Dlayl, (which has the highest ratio of handicapped children in all of Jordan) SNI sent a sponsorship funding food packages to specific families, during 2016-2017. This provided 252 food packages, for 21 families (approximately 126 people), supplying approximately 45,990 meals per year.