‘Healing Hearts’ began their charitable activities in the former Yugoslavia in 1995, even as war was still raging in Croatia and Bosnia. From 1995 – 2007 they worked in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Serbia. They spent 2008 – 2009 in Peru, and returned to Serbia in 2010.

Their current projects include working with special needs children in one of the largest schools for such children in Serbia, and supplying grade schools and kindergartens in Kosovo, Serbia, and Serbian parts of Bosnia with complimentary copies of their original character-building curriculum called ‘Bonton za Decu’.

Healing Hearts also takes regular humanitarian trips to Kosovo and southern Serbia for the purpose of delivering humanitarian aid to the poor, carrying out other humanitarian activities, and following-up on areas that they have helped over the years with their various humanitarian projects. Twice a year they make trips to Poland, Sweden, and Finland to collect aid for distribution. Regular trips are also made throughout the year to the neighboring countries of Romania, Hungary and Croatia.

Due to the large amount of school books and humanitarian aid materials ‘Healing Hearts’ distributes to the aforementioned schools, they requested sponsorship to purchase a van.

Being well aware of the benefits of having a large vehicle to deliver vast amounts of goods, SNI decided to grant their request for sponsorship.


Anna and Geoffrey Wormus standing in front of the sponsored van.