In March 2020 with the lockdown measures in place globally, many underprivileged families were no longer able to generate income from their usual means as hourly paid manual laborers. Within a matter of weeks with no reserves they found themselves in dire need of basic nutritional items. Sponsorship Network funded one of these initiatives in the Indian city of Hyderabad. The project manager sent this report after the project kicked off:

This project was to bring emergency food grains to the poorest of the poor in Hyderabad, India.

In light of the heightened concern on the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in India, the country has been placed under complete lockdown since March 25 till May 17, and it seems further extended. Authorities have asked citizens to maintain strict social distancing to cut the spread of the virus outbreak.

All people are ordered to stay at home, putting the most vulnerable families, who earn less than USD 5 a day and rely on the informal economy to survive at immediate danger of not having any food during the lockdown.

Difficulties that we had:

As the government imposed to follow the social distance, it was not easy to distribute the food grains as we thought of. We had to approach the local police and the local leaders to get the permission to distribute the food grains. We had to see that the people should maintain the social distance and should not be in groups. We also requested the Councillor and the Police to take part in our project and to distribute the packages.

We needed the printing shop to print the banners. The shops were not opened, including the printing shop. After a few days, we requested a shop owner to open the shop and print the banners for us.

There was another difficulty that we had was getting the trolley to carry the food grains. There was no one willing to come with their trolley as the Coronavirus is fast spreading. We had to convince him telling about the benefits of the project and how important the food grains to the hungry people. The trolley man was one of the important persons we had for this project.

With all the difficulties and with joy to serve, we had distributed the food grains to the people in the project area.  The beneficiaries are very happy for the support they received.