Ever thought that a computer could save lives? Verein Change the World Schweiz is doing just that with its training projects in Southern Africa.

Verein Change the World Schweiz is using technology skills to give youth in Mozambique hope, confidence and opportunity for employment. Located in Magoanine, an area 10 kms from Maputo’s city center, the Change the World – Computer Training Center is transforming lives by making PC Users and professional PC Technicians out of high school graduates.

In January 2014, due to the consistency and focus of the team, the National Ministry of Education requested a partnership in that CTW would train the principals of high schools in the Province of Maputo and then scale up and begin training in the other provinces as well. Work has begun on this new project and as a result two apprentice trainers were hired in February.

“Information Technology is one of the key skills of a modern economy and by building this body of entry-level techno workers”, says Jonathan Novotny, Project Founder.  “We are helping to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of the country.”  CTW’s goal is to continue to help build the future of Mozambique through expanding this training, along with more innovative coding and programing courses, into Secondary Schools throughout the province.

SNI is a foundational partner of the work in Mozambique and decided to support CTW’s  IT Training Center by covering the running costs for one year. The donation also helped to provide sustainability and the opportunity to multiply impact through working in the schools and with school management teams.


Change the World IT Students

Change the World IT Students