At the end of December 2012 Michel Steiner was invited to participate in a volunteer project in Brazil called ‘Mundo Melhor’ which he had previously worked together with from 2003 till 2006. SNI sponsored one of their events earlier this year and this time they requested the personal participation of SNI in a special initiative.

Mundo Melhor is a team of experienced volunteers who regularly perform musical shows in several government prisons, lead a Scouts Group, and are also fulltime caretakers of a farm for children’s recreational visits.

We received a request from Mundo Melhor to cover 50% of their project’s budget for 12 months, and so we decided to take a closer look at their works through a personal visit.

During our time in Brazil we organized a day of Scout Training and First Aid courses with a group of kids aged 9-12. All the theory and techniques were based off of the recent military training and the officer’s school education which Michel attended in the previous year.

We started the day off with jumping, throwing, and sprinting contests, all of which the children enjoyed vigorously. Next we held a 10 minute race followed by refreshing drinks and a traditional Brazilian lunch. During the afternoon the participants were taught how to properly dress a wound, how to safely assist an injured person and help them into a proper resting position, and finally the challenge of performing CPR on a dummy.

Scores were kept throughout the entire day and at the end prizes were handed out and every participant received a bar of Swiss chocolate. The winner was presented with a brand new Swiss Army knife and the runner-ups with medals which were originally received by Michel during his time in the Swiss military.

Upon our return to Switzerland and after discussion with the members of the association, SNI decided to accept Mundo Melhor’s request for sponsorship and to cover 50% of their running costs for the next 12 months so that they may continue their multiple projects and initiatives without the financial pressures that come from living in a developing country.


Michel Steiner & Scout Camp Attendees.