Working together with the ‘Channel of Hope’ for the month of August, SNI has sent a donation to sponsor a total of 18 books, 12 posters, and 1,200 children’s magazines. The sponsored materials were given to daycare centers and schools in the south of the Philippines, particularly Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, and Lanao del Norte.

The Channel of Hope has been actively involved in teaching seminars to teachers in daycare centers, making weekly visits to cancer patients, and hosting Bible studies for hundreds of women in correctional institutions. They also participate in collecting and distributing food and blankets to many who are affected by natural disasters in the Philippines, the most recent one was with the flooding in Metro Manila.

For the past 3-4 years, before the school year starts, Channel of Hope has held “Back to School” projects holding seminars with Day Center teachers & distributing educational & values formation books/magazines & school supplies for day care center pupils. This year, a day care center in Butuan was also visited & books & magazines were given to this center for their pupils.

The Channel of hope foundation is always active and looking for ways to reach out to those around them and as such, we are proud to be able to participate in such a success and overjoyed at being able to help those in need far across the world. Thank YOU our Dear Sponsors for making it all possible!

Children from a daycare center in Cagayan de Oro being introduced to their new books and posters.